A Specialist Graphene Producer


Graphenel JSC, founded in 2011, is a technology company focusing on mass graphene manufacturing and its applications. Our unique method is to refine animal fat to produce cost-effective mass production of graphene, the well-known material of the future. It is proved to outperform any current nanomaterials, and cannot be excluded from the future research or the development of digital devices like computer chips or complementary products such as batteries and composites.

After 7 years of research, in 2017, Graphenel JSC successfully discovered the methodology of producing environmentally friendly Graphene from refined animal fat on a large scale at remarkably low cost and consistent quality. In 2019, the company raised funds with an investment from ThinkZone Accelerator. Since then, its technological innovation and business capacity have been accelerated to get ready for further scaling up and serving new material markets.


To drive the future of industries forward with the extraordinary nanomaterial graphene, through a fast, highly cost-effective, and environmentally friendly proprietary manufacturing methodology.


To become the leading industrial supplier of graphene-based materials by creating high value solutions for global industry leaders and allowing them to reach the next-generation/advanced products.

our clients

Manufacturers: We supply high quality graphene and its derivatives together with graphene-based solutions for partners in energy and composites industry. Composite, battery, paint and coating manufacturers and other related companies, who are heavily investing in advanced products using graphene, can come to us for best source of graphene. Our experts are also honored to support clients’ request for collaboration during their research and development of new graphene-based materials. 

Laboratories and research institutes: We also supply graphene at small quantity and attractive price for researchers working on its applications.

Nanomaterials for sustainable life


At Graphenel JSC, we are committed to the development of graphene materials from research to commercialization. We understand that every stage of material development needs serious research for the best changes. We offer special prices for large quantity orders across a wide range of industries.

Early cooperation program

Introduction: By applying for Graphenel’s early cooperation program, you will get access to the innovative technologies & products before they become broadly available. Additionally, this program provides a fast track to establish strategic partnerships or joint development agreements.

Benefits: Accessing our team expertise, benefiting from exclusive opportunities such as higher quantities and additional discounts, getting updates on the latest applications development and testing them before general availability.

We are here to provide guidance and assistance throughout the entire partnership process!



Tuan Le

Founder & CEO

Master degree in Materials Science – Nanotechnology and has 15 years of experience in Product Research & Development. Tuan Le has been working for a new way to produce graphene and has received several awards for his entrepreneurial spirit and technological innovation.

Jat Le

Co-founder & CPO

Master degree in Organic Chemistry and has 15 years of experience in Product Research, Manufacturing Operations & Quality Management System. Jat Le has received several awards for his technological innovation.

Thanh Tran


Prof – Doctor degree in Engineering Department of BIN Convergence Technology, Chonbuk National University, Jeonju, Republic of Korea. Thanh Tran has his recent study on the Noble Metal Nanoparticles/Graphene Nanohybrids for Electrochemical sensing applications.


Dzung Ngo

Founding Partner – Business Development

Master degree in Business Administration – Lean Management, has 6 years of experience in building startup ecosystem & business development and 6 years of experience of Manufacturing Operations & Quality Management System in Multinational Corporation. Dzung is currently Founder & CEO of Brave Cat Co. – An Innovation & Creative Agency.

Thuy-Duong Phung

Business Development

Master degree in Management and Entrepreneurship with experiences in Sales & Marketing for companies from different sectors: Manufacturing, Technology and Counseling Sales.