"Graphene, the world's wonder material, is dramatically changing several industries"

R&D Mission

Synthesis of Graphene Materials

  • Catalyst optimization
  • Process optimization
  • Production cost optimization

Development of Products 

  • Continuous improvement of product properties
  • Optimization of product integration into customer production processes
  • Adaptation of the range to customer needs

Focus Application

Composites & Coatings: The impact of graphene-based composites is set to reverberate throughout countless industries, enhance performance and increase application possibilities.

Energy: Imagine fully charging a smartphone in seconds, or an electric car in minutes. That’s the power of graphene.

Graphene Bioelectronics

Chapter 3: Recent Advances in Metal Alloy-Graphene Hybrids for Biosensors.

ScienceDirect: by Co-Author Prof.Dr Thanh Tran 


Advanced Materials & Manufacturing | Energy & Sustainability

TechConnect Briefs: by Co-Author Tuan Le

High Electrical Conductivity Graphene Hybrid Composite Synthesized With Catalyst Stagger

Carbon Nano Structures & Devices, Graphene & 2D-Materials

TechConnect Briefs: by Co-Author Jat Le

OTHER REsearch

Ternary graphene-carbon nanofibers-carbon nanotubes structure for hybrid supercapacitor

ScienceDirect: by Co-Author Prof.Dr Thanh Tran

Mesoporous iron sulfide nanoparticles anchored graphene sheet as an efficient and durable catalyst for oxygen reduction reaction

ScienceDirect: by Co-Author Prof.Dr Thanh Tran